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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Review: Awake The Sun - The Barren Sleep

Awake The Sun is a new band from Italy formed in 2010.

Playing a unique and unusual mix of prog/doom they distance themselves from the majority of today's released music. According to the band “The Barren Sleep” is an EP but at 45' it's one of the longest EPs I've ever heard!

Their music is mostly mid tempo oriented but due to complex structures the interest remains high through the entire listening session.

The elegant use of keyboards and samples is a big plus to the album since it enhances its atmosphere without taking control. I always appreciate when a band has the know how to introduce various elements to their sound in order to embellish it but without changing their essence because in the bottom line this is a metal band we're talking about.

Must also emphasize on the awesome musicianship of Awake the Sun's and especially on the killer performance of drummer Christian Luise aka Xenos. His aggressive and complex drumming is full of rhythm changes and killer fills.

The vocals of Nicola Mel are somewhat unusual. Distancing himself from the majority of high pitched singers (Italy's trademark for years) he focuses mostly on the mid range and gives an solid performance. Actually I was quite surprised by his approach since he brought to mind the vocals from Teramaze. While he sings cleanly throughout the album there is an eerie feeling of just being a step away from screaming and growling his head off.

My only complain for this album is the lack of memorable (or catchy) moments but this is more or less somewhat common on progressive groups and it all boils down on the band's personal preferences.

In conclusion Awake The Sun have released a very nice album that requires a lot of attention from the listener's part. People that are into “easy” music keep away as for the ones who're bold enough, they'll be rewarded!

Written by Manos Xanthakis


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