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Monday, April 25, 2016

Live review: Violator, Nuclear Devastation, The Shining at dB's, Utrecht, April 21, 2016

Last night 4 guys from Brazil’s capital city, Brasilia, came to Utrecht to play a Benelux exclusive show. After travelling for 20 hours they arrived at the location and they were still looking surprisingly alive! Later on in this review I will elaborate on the show but first I have to talk about the support on this tour.

The Shining was the first to rise the stage. Due to logistic circumstances my friends and me could not reach the venue in time so we missed the first band The Shining. If the band reads this we would like to apologize for missing it.

Luckily we were in time for Nuclear Devastation because that was a show that I would not have liked to have missed. What they performed on stage was pure energy. Raw energy. The will to rebel and fuck shit up. The first thing that I noticed was the vocalist.

The vocalist was the guy who made me aware of this concert last month at the Exodus + Lost society show. He kindly invited me and my friend to come to the concert and the next day we ordered the tickets. Amazing to see the same dude up on the stage destroying the microphone. He was also one of the 2 guitarists on stage. I noticed that he struck his strings with his hand rather than using a guitar pick. He executed it with great speed and accuracy. The bass player had the most old skool haircut ever and looked like a blonde Bruce Dickinson in his early years. Plucking the strings really hard so the bass would not fall out of the soundmix.

At first Nuclear Devastion had a hard time to get the crowd involved despite the provocations by the vocalist. Nearing the end of their stage time they had a few circlepits going and some people who just went full berzerk. Overall this concert was full of energy by the band. Super fast, super heavy. Sometimes even coming close to grindcore.

The last band of the evening was Violator. The reason people came from Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Lithuania. Like I said I found it very surprising that Violator still had such a significant amount of energy in their bodies after a 20 hour travel. Playing like total maniacs. The crowd made clear they were ready to destroy the building and the circlepits were almost as big as the venue itself. Very aggressive people were bashing into other people trying to get them involved in the moshing.

With an impressive set list of 80 minutes they left a whole building in shock and awe for

their relentless, raw energy. I have never seen a band play so fast for so long. Especially the drummer is going to need his rest after this show! What great power resides in this body. We will never understand.

Between the songs the frontman made very clear that he really appreciated it.

The show left me broken. I broke my head of like 3 times. At least that’s how it feels. Before the show I bought the latest Violator LP called Scenarios Of Brutality. I even got it signed by all members. Every minute of this night was enjoyable. This concert is one for the books and I will never forget mighty Violator and Nuclear Devastation.


Written by Joost van der Leij

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