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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Interview: Sanzu

A while ago Sanzu released their latest album Heavy Over The Home (review). Time for DutchMetalManiac’s Joost van der Leij to ask them some questions.

Hey guys, First of all. Big fan here. I have reviewed your album “Heavy Over The Home” a couple of months ago. What has been the response to the album?

Hi, Thanks very much!

It's been really great, more than we could have ever expected....

Being so isolated in Perth even from the other side of Australia it's really mind blowing that people are so responsive to what we’re doing.

From what bands did you draw inspiration from? There's gotta be some Meshuggah in there (haha).

Honestly allot of places, we all have such diverse musical influences from Metal to Prog to Rock to Rap, it all becomes one big melting pot!

I don't think we consciously drew influences at times of writing we just wrote music that we like, that we'd want to go see!

In that tho of-course the influences we all have come through in the music.

I've showed your band to my friends and they were all like: woah, they sound like Gojira. Do you think that it is positive to be linked to Gojira and why do you think that?

Well in my opinion we have similarities but honestly I think if you listen to them side by side there fairly different.

I do understand why people make the comparison, I think it's because there are not too many bands with these characteristics.

In saying that I love Gojira and take it as a huge compliment to be considered anywhere near them!

What is your opinion on the metal scene in 2016?

I'd say good and bad.

Being in Australia, particularly Perth can make traveling expensive but I think metal worldwide has never been stronger.

There's a huge community who support and encourage each other to improve and evolve and you can't ask for more than that!

Elaborating on question #4, do you think there are ever going to be bands like Iron Maiden and Metallica again?

I'd say without the HUGE budgets there used to be to back and develop bands like there used to be it'll be hard but who knows!?

The industry always changes and evolves and i can't help thinking and hoping it'll all come around again....Hopefully in my lifetime! hahaha

These bands have 30 years history's and you can't fault that whether you like them or not they sure have earned it!

Are you the kind of band that likes to write while on tour or do you need to be in a rehearsal room together and work out ideas?

So far we generally write in the room or people bring part or whole idea's in and we work through them or send each other demo's to work on in our practice spaces so when we get in the room it's much more efficient and we waste less time.

In the future I don't know, we’re all adaptable to our situations so I'd say we'd take it as it comes.

Is it harder for bands from Australia to break out into the open world with playing extreme metal?

Yes and no, as I said before being in Perth adds another bump in the road because of the distance and added cost for travel, but overall I'd have to say no.

Look at bands like Psycroptic, King Parrot and Disentomed who are really killing it internationally, with a hard work ethic and constant pushing it's totally possible.

Are there any plans in the works for a European tour?

We're looking at a few options at the moment, we're really keen to get over there towards the end of the year or next year.

It'd be an amazing experience to take what we've worked on so hard to the other side of the world.

Do you have a preference, clubshow or festival?

No we just want to play as much as we can!!!

What would be your dream tour (which you play on)?

Any of the festivals across Europe or the States would be incredible!

If you mean what bands then I'd have to say Strapping Young Lad even tho they don't exist anymore!! Textures, Good Tiger, Origin, Ihsahn, Veil of Maya, but that are just some of my preferences!

Is there anything you would say to the readers of DutchMetalManiac?

Thanks so much for the support!

Like I said before knowing that people on the other side of the world show and interest in what we do is amazing and we're so grateful for that.

Thank you guys for the answers to my questions. I hope we will hear and see from you very soon!


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