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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Interview: Bloodbound

A bit more than two months ago Bloodbound released its latest effort, an live CD/DVD called One Night Of Blood (review). So DutchMetalManiac’s Nathasja Voerman fires some questions at them.

First of all thank you for your time to do this interview with us.

When you guys started in 2004, did you think you would still be going strong in 2016?

Tomas: No, we never expected this, and we are very grateful of all the fun places, moments and people we have seen and met on this journey. It has been a blast! And I want to thank all the fans for making it possible.

What drove the band to create melodic power metal?

Patrik: I wasn’t in the band from the beginning but I was a fan of the band since the first album “Nosferatu”. But power metal or heavy metal, whatever you want to call it, has everything! It’s based on melody, speed and power. Especially with our latest album Stormborn we used all these elements and made more of it than before. We got more bombastic songs with bigger choirs and more keyboards, heavier songs, fast songs and so on. And we made the most diverse album from Bloodbound so far.

How did you got the idea to release a live DVD/CD and not another album?

Patrik: We’ve talked about doing a live dvd for a while. When we got the chance to do it at the mighty Masters of Rock festival we just went for it. And since the band been around for ten years now it was a perfect way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the band. J

How did the fans react to the new live DVD/CD?

It’s been very well received from both fans and media so far and we’re really glad about that.

Can you describe your show, visual and musically?

We want it to be both. We always try to give the audience a full show, not to just stand there and play the songs. Visually we could do a lot more, but it’s all about money you know. We are planning to do more cool stuff on stage, so let’s see what happens in the future.

What's it like to tour with Sabaton and Alestorm through Europe and other places in the world?

Patrik: As Tomas said we are very greatful to be able to travel around to see so much cool places and meet cool people.
The latest tour with Sabaton and Alestorm was a big success for the whole tour package and also for us as a band. You never know what to expect when you are a support band, but the audience received us very well, more than we could ever expect and we had a blast!

What do you do for living other than the band?

Patrik: I’m working in a school. I’m an extra resource in a class with children with “special needs”.
And I have music classes as well. It’s great and they are very understanding and giving me free time to go on tours and everything.

Have you ever experienced a moment on stage when something went wrong? What happened?

Patrik: Oh a lot of times, haha… But last summer (2015) at Out & Loud Festival in Germany, I fell from stage (behind the scene) and took a pretty bad hit in my right arm. Just minutes before the show was about to start. The fall was pretty high and I was in serious lots of pain in my arm when the intro started. The other guys in the band asked if I could go on and I told them that I wasn’t sure… Anyway, they ran out on stage and didn’t know if I was coming after. Every time I tried to stand up on my feet it felt like I was going to faint and/or puke. Put when the first song started I thought “fuck it” and ran out. I made the full show, but don’t remember so much of it because of the pain. We had two more festivals booked before we were going home, one more in Germany and one in Switzerland, so I thought that I could go to the hospital when we were back in Sweden. All the trip I ate painkillers and tried not to complain too much of all the pain. When we finally got home I went to the hospital and they told me it was broken by the elbow and needed surgery.
I got rid of the plaster just a few days before the Masters of Rock Festival where we recorded the dvd.
So I was still in pain and I couldn’t move my right arm very much. If you think about it I think it shows.
There is also a clip of “Stormborn” on the “extra material” on the dvd that is recorded at Out & Loud Festival where I broke my arm.

What are the future plans of Bloodbound?

Patrik: We’re taking everything step by step. So for now were just excited to do the festivals we’re booked at before we gonna make plans for a new album and following tours.
Then of course it’s time for us to rule the world :p

Is there anything you would like to add to this interview?

Patrik: For our fans: Thank you for your support I hope to see you all soon!

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