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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Review: Tarchon Fist - Celebration

Tarchon Fist is a band hailing from Italy and was created back in 2005. In the 11 years of their existence they kept themselves busy since they've released 2 demos and 3 albums!

“Celebration”, their latest offering, isn't a new album but a compilation featuring songs from the albums “Tarchon Fist” & “Fighters” and their 2007 demo.

What I found strange is the fact of already releasing a compilation album in 2011 titled “World of Fighters” and after that they only have one new release with the kind of cheesy name “Heavy metal black force”.

Anyway according to their press release “Celebration” is self released since their previous label ceased to exist.

No matter Tarchon Fist were completely unknown to me and I was curious to check out their offering.

If someone expects something like Rhapsody or anything similar to symphonic sound (something that a lot of Italian bands excel at) he will be disappointed.

Tarchon Fist play classic metal influenced by bands like Iron Maiden, Primal Fear and maybe some traces of Helloween (another band favored in Italy) and Running Wild.

Now if I didn't know that this release isn't a compilation I would have never guessed it on my own. There is uniformity in the sound and the style varies little to none among their albums. That of course doesn't diminishes Tarchon Fist's talent. Their music is energetic and vibrant and they have achieved greatly in creating their own identity while honoring their influences.

Vocalist Mirco "Ramon"Ramondo is simply crushing. In contradiction to a lot of Italian singers he doesn't favor high pitched singing. Instead he sounds very close to a young version of Bruce Dickinson from “Number of the beast” and “Powerslave” era. You can also find influences from hard rock in his vocal style making the final result even more interesting.

The rest of the band do their job flawlessly without the need of showing off. Flashy solos or other instrumental extremities are missing, but their musicianship is far from being considered boring or common. Instead they band focuses on their good songwriting skills.

Great and catchy tunes like “Eyes of the wolf”, “Celebration” and “Victims of the nations” easily stand out on first listen.

What is obvious from the start is ability to create beautiful and high adrenaline songs perfect for live shows. If they could to tour with bands like Accept or Primal Fear and why not, with kings Iron Maiden and Judas Priest then this would be definitely something not to be missed by any true metal fan.

Tarchon Fist have definitely made an impact and I am already searching to check out all the albums they've released so far.

Do yourself a favor and check these guys out, it will be definitely worth your time.

Written by Manos Xanthakis

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