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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Review: Sunburst - Fragments Of Creation

Okay okay. What an incredibly amazing debut album we have here. The band Sunburst really shows what they are capable of with their very first album „Fragments Of Creation”. This record is musically strong. From progressive metal to thrash, with lots of room for melody and complexity, and above all: nice guitar solos and state of the art singing from vocalist Vasilis Georgiou. „Fragments Of Creation” is definitely a masterpiece.

Georgiou (Black Fate, Innosense), Gus Drax (Black Fate, Paradox) Kostas Molanas (Paradox, Blacklegs) saw the light in 2010 and decided to start a band called Sunburst. After the addition of bass guitar player Nick Grey, the four recorded their debut album. I find it unreal to believe that we are talking about a DEBUT album here. But, on the other hand, this is not the first time these musicians have come together (Paradox, Black Fate, Innosense) and that won’t go unnoticed.

It’s not a secret that the members from Sunburst are inspired by bands as Symphony X, Nevermore and Dream Theater. You can hear this for example in how the guitar blends with the drums during the breaks: it’s so refined. I like it. Take the opening track of this record, „Out Of The World”. It starts with four hits, and everything that follows just fits perfectly, like a puzzle. The drums and bass guitar form a solid base for the complex guitar solos and beautiful, clean singing from vocalist Georgiou.

„Beyond The Darkest Sun” is an instrumental song. It’s so good, that you won’t even miss the vocals. This is proof of the high quality of playing by Drax, Molanas and Grey. „Fragments Of Creation” ends with the epos „Remedy Of My Heart”. A song that lasts for 12 minutes and which has orchestral parts in it, as if it was performed in a church. Really impressive.

Impressive might be the best word to describe this album. But within that also lies one point of criticism. „Fragmenst Of Creation” feels stuffed from beginning to end. Everything is so power packed that even the ballad „Lullaby” doesn’t give you enough space to dream away. That is of course fine, but not everyone can enjoy this level of energy at all times.

In the end: Sunburst delivers a very good first impression. „Fragments Of Creation” is a must-have for fans of Dragonforce, Dream Theater and power-/ progressive metal in general.

Written by Tim van der Zanden


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