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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Review: Stillborn - Testimonio de Bautismo

After a five-year break, Polish death/black metallers Stillborn are about to prove two impressive attributes with this release, that when Poland creates a Death/Black Metal release the country is second to none in the genre, and the group themselves belong at the top of this already stacked scene. In the end this is a truly enjoyable and full-throttle effort that really offers a lot of enjoyable elements present from their career.

Blasting away with dynamic black metal-styled tremolo pattern riff-work that adds a darkened, hell-fire-and-brimstone atmosphere to the proceedings, the fact that these rhythms all offer the kind of full-throttle tempos throughout here really makes these quite enjoyable with their full-throttle and openly dynamic paces that makes for quite a fun time amidst all the blackened riffing. Still, the death metal segments here are even better with the kind of blasting, brutal form of riffing with tracks like 'Ancykryst,' 'Upiór' and 'Modlitwa poganina' that makes for a truly killer framework here that keeps things rolling along with the kind of twisting, varied rhythm styles here as this offers up several impressive styles. Ranging from the intense, buzzing rhythms full of frantic speed-driven stylings of 'Martwo urodzony - rozdział trzeci' to a more relaxed mid-tempo thrash-style pace in 'Obłęd' and sprawling, chugging variant as well, which is all tied together with their tremolo-styled riff-work, this one has plenty of truly enjoyable elements that come from a wide variety of influences which makes them all the better overall. With each of the songs quite enjoyable and not really featuring too many negatives overall, this is a truly scorching effort with a lot to like about it.

For the most part this is yet another strong, immaculate collection of snarling blackened death metal from one of the best groups in a scene utterly loaded with talent and offers forth another sure-to-be-classic recording for the Polish death/black metal scene which makes this an easy choice for aficionados of the scene or simply high-quality death metal in general. 9.5/10

Written by Don Anelli


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