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Friday, March 25, 2016

Review: Starblind - Dying Son

Once again proving that the legacy of Iron Maiden is not dead Starblind brings to us the album Dying Son. Iron Maiden influenced a whole bunch of bands in the NWOBHM genre and continues to do that into the 21st century, and this album is a glaring example of that legacy.

The songs are very much Iron Maiden inspired, and if you are familiar with the discography of Maiden you can find a lot of moments inspired by them. Even the vocals resemble those of the legendary Bruce Dickinson, and that is my main complaint to this album. If you are a fan of Iron Maiden you will love this album, or be annoyed by the striking resemblance to the original. The sound overall is of a great quality, the guitars are clean sounding even with distortion, the drums are crisp especially on the snare, the bass is clearly audible and punches its way in the mix and the vocals sore over top of all. But the similarities to the Maiden can turn away people from this album.

As a general impression, I would give this band a 10 in the sound department, but not so high in the originality department.

Written by Nikola Milošević

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