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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Review: Of Spire & Throne - Sanctum In The Light

Doom is not really my cup of tea, and I do not really listen to it on a daily basis. But I can appreciate a good doom metal band if I hear one, and this album got my ear interested and kept me captivated.

As in any good doom the songs are really long and there is not really a clear boundary between the songs or the riffs also. It feels like one really long or endless song in the entire album. It is not really a album regular metalheads will be into, because of the seamlessly endless songs and blurry riffs which can frustrate a lot of people. The instrumentation is a bit weird on this or any doom album, the instruments sound a bit rotten or even unhearable in some parts of the album, but it is the point. The slow paced riffing of the guitars and some background guitar work which is not always audible is the whole point of doom metal. The vocals sound more like death metal growls than something you would hear in this genre, but it really does give a lot of atmosphere in the album even if the vocals make up about 3 minutes of the entire album. The rest of the instruments vary in quality and audibility from song to song and even riff to riff. Sometimes you hear the instruments, sometimes you hear some echoes or delay from the guitars, sometimes you hear the vocals and sometimes even if there are vocals you can't really hear it.

All in all, if you enjoy this genre you will like this album if you don't like the genre you won't like it. But even after all, the album is great and I would give it 8/10 mainly because of the vocals.

Written by Nikola Milošević


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