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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Review: Goatpsalm - Downstream

Goatpsalm was conjured up when two members wanted to explore what’s far out there and delve into ancient myths and lore. Goatpsalm is the home of music that was deemed too strange for the normal standards.

The record starts with the atmospheric “Grey Rocks” with heavy intro and slow rhythm you could swear it's summoning one of the old gods. Followed by “Flowers of the underworld” that shares some roots with sludge/doom metal but it is a different beast entirely.

However the real high point of the album is “Orphan”. It’s slow, heavy and marching forward to a rhythmic beating that will be stuck in your head.

Another gem is the track with the album's title ”Downstream”. It starts slow but picks up speed with howling, wailing vocals that make it one of the best tracks on this record.

Downstream is a great release from Goatpsalm and it should be on your must have records list of 2016.

Written by Ahmed Winchester


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