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Friday, March 25, 2016

Review: Defecto - Excluded

Defecto, a progressive band hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, is just releasing their first full length album; Excluded. Relatively unknown and only in their second release - a self-titled EP preceded this full album - It is hard to believe that this band has been on the metal scene for so short time. The music on Excluded sounds and feels like Defecto has already been doing what they do for years and years. They have a very distinctive sound already, they don’t seem to be searching to find what they are really about. They showcase it, and very well. In fact, they blow your mind with what kind of music they stand for.

That distinctive sound is hard to describe; Defecto taps into a lot of different veins in metal, being reminiscent of Trivium one moment, sporting the choirs, epic and fast solo’s and voice range of power metal, and another moment they come with some metalriffs that are so groovy they belong in the likes of Soilwork and others. The guitars are the brute force behind it all; a very fat, distorted sound gives the whole album a very layered and thick feel, a sturdiness in the sound. The vocals of singer Nicklas Sonne are a perfect addition to this fat sound; a gorgeous raw sounding voice that can grunt and reach pretty great heights, without losing the grittiness. It reminded me a lot of the sound very characteristic of the various singers that have fronted the Dutch band Textures, where the big sound is also very nicely complemented by a very strong and gritty voice.

Defecto, though is very far removed from the modern tendencies to dabble in a djent-y sound, and though they definitely keep it modern and progressive, their sound is diverse and very much rooted in all kinds of genres. They flow smoothly over into one another, so hereby also a nod to the very solid songwriting, wherein there is no dull moment but it never feels too full, too much at once. It is the right amount of intensity at mostly the right moments.

Defecto is a new star at the firmament, and it falls to the immense talent of this band as a unit that the album Excluded is solid as a rock. There must be something more coming from these guys in the future, and I am very enthusiastic to hear what it is.

Written by Frank van Drunen


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