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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Review: Coronatus - Raben Im Herz

The new Coronatus album is “Raben Im Herz” (which translates as “Ravens in My Heart”). Fronted by two talented female vocalists, rocker Anny Maleyes and soprano Carmen Lorch, the German Goth/Folk metal band, have created an album which features many individual talents.

The opening track of this album is “The Lady of the Wall”. It marries the different sounds of operatic waves of orchestral. Nothing is over the top and the strong two voices go very well together high and low. The second song "Konig Der Nebel” begins with several folk sounds, even with a accordion. For a while is the heavy double bass is beating. After that comes the high voice that melodic keeps this song together. "Raben im herz" the albums name song blast slowly through the speakers, the instrumental is a little bit more on the background. That improves the vocal aspects, but in the middle the instrumental takes over the voices and they are barely hearable. Thats a little bit of a shame I would say keep it less and let the beautifull vocals speak for themselves. The final song on this album is "Frozen Swan" This is a good sample of take the instruments to the background and let the voices be in the spotlights.

Coronatus is a powerful band that knows which ingredients you have to put in a album to make it a succes. If you like symphonic metal with folk touches this could be a band for you.

01. Lady Of The Wall
02. König Der Nebel
03. Raben Im Herz
04. Carpe Noctem
05. Hoffnung Stirbt Niemals
06. Seelenfeuer
07. Anderswelt
08. Canan Nan Gaidhael
09. Frozen Swan

Written by Nathasja Voerman

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