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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Review: Atrocious Abnormality - Formed In Disgust

It’s been a nine-year gap between releases, but finally North Carolina brutal death metal machine Atrocious Abnormality return with their second full-length effort on their own label Comatose Records. Containing a wide array of influences spanning the entire gamut of elements popular within the brutal death realm, this becomes one of the most wholly enjoyable releases in the style this year and serves as a strong offering in the genre overall.

Straight from the beginning here, this one manages to feature such a varied and completely over-the-top attack that features a wide range of work throughout here. Nominally under most brutal death metal there comes all the tight, ferocious riffing that contains all sorts of shredding, flesh-ripping patterns and ripping speed-driven rhythms that offer up the most pulverizing beats and riffs possible, all of which comes through quite nicely in the genre as this is among the fastest bands in this particular style as evidenced by blazing numbers as ‘Storm of Ash’ or ‘Formed in Disgust.’ Alongside this explosive series of riff-work, there’s a large amount of spindly, technical rhythms at these dizzying speeds that are complex not only for the different arrangements as well as the manner of changing from the different styles and paces with expert precision, catapulting this one even further along the range with a dynamic style all wrapped together with plenty of over-the-top technicality of ‘Bound for Damnation’ and The Inevitable Undoing.’ Coupled together with a few explosive slams brought in with ‘Erotic Tales of Disembowelment’ as well, the wide array of work here makes for a completely varied and complete look that makes for a dynamic attack. This is quite an impressive and nearly-flawless attack, only hindered by the rather innocuous spoken-word intros that pop up in several tracks.

As there’s not a whole lot of overall flaws here and plenty to enjoy from the varied and comprehensive attack featured here that has so much to enjoy containing nearly everything possible in terms of brutal death metal that this one is completely appealing for any and all fans of the style or those that simply enjoy good, heavy extreme metal. 9.5/10

Written by Don Anelli


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