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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Zhrine unveil first track and details of new album

Icelandic bringers of darkness Zhrine are unleashing the first heavy track taken form their forthcoming album 'Unortheta', which will hit stores worldwide on April 8th.

The song "Spewing Gloom" is streaming below.

Zhrine comment: "Welcome to our definition of blackened death metal. 'Spewing Gloom' will be the first song that you get to hear from our first album 'Unortheta'. We are confident that this will leave a lasting impression. The track deals with controlling live, spreading death, worshipping gold, and of course: spewing gloom!"

Zhrine are simultaneously revealing the artwork and tracklist of 'Unortheta', which can be viewed below. The cover was created by renowned artist Zbigniew M. Bielak.

Bielak comments: "Perhaps the most valuable thing that one can bring back from Iceland - besides the Flames of Hell vinyl - is humility. Of all places, there is where the brute force of nature and still ongoing geological processes, which shaped our environment, can be experienced in their most intimidating and vivid form. Zhrine's decadent concept seems to tread much in the quicksand footsteps of Alan Weisman's seminal 'The World Without Us'. His book simulates and scientifically analyses the inevitable succession of nature after the hypothetical disappearance of humankind from the face of earth. And just as the music on 'Unortheta', his conclusions are far from merry. Being more powerful than any human endeavour, in its primeval cycle, nature devours and transforms everything that we have created. Evolution itself uses disaster as an impulse for creativity within its self-reconstructive system. Brutally speaking, nature is completely indifferent to whether mankind survives or not. It is indeed a tragedy for religion that the world does not need humans, just as it is for science, that nature cannot be preserved. Conservation and environmental protection that we aspire towards are a mere act of self-defence. The shrines that future prepared for us are cold, dark and gloomy, and so is the artwork."

1. Utopian Warfare
2. Spewing Gloom
3. The Syringe Dance
4. World
5. Empire
6. The Earth Inhaled
7. Unortheta


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