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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Review: Zombieslut - Undead Commando

Undead Commando is the second full-length record by German deathmetallers Zombieslut. The record was released on November 5th, 2015, by record label Rotten Roll Rex. Their sound is generally characterized by slow paced, bass fueled riffs and deep grunts, which resulted in a death metal album with a very doomy feel to it. So, let’s talk some content!

The album starts off with the title track, which gives you a pretty good idea of the things to come: the band is no stranger to using external sound fragments to boost the atmosphere they are trying to create; you’ll also soon notice how the tempo really adds to this, but don’t worry, the record features enough proper moshing material as well! ‘’Lobotomizer’’ is a track that I can imagine would allow for some good old circle pit action, hell, maybe even a wall of death! Same goes for ‘’Necromorph’’ and ‘’Revenge of the Malevolent Unmade’’, both of which are great moshing anthems, whereas the majority of the album is more fit for slow and steady headbanging. ‘’Decayed Messiah’’ is the 11th and final track, which provides just the right ending to this beautifully gloomy record.

If you’re a fan of the rotten and filthy, this is something for you. The bass on this album is gutwrenching, the horrifying sound effects give just that little extra, and the grunting is just spot on and perfectly matched for this type of music. Personally, I did miss some shredding, but you know what? That’s ok, because these aren’t 11 separate tracks, they’re more like 11 pieces to puzzle, and really shouldn’t have been composed differently. Also, I suggest you turn off your shuffle function when listening ;)

I give Undead Commando a 7/10. As a fan of melodic guitars, Zombieslut is not providing me with everything I love in metal, but there’s a lot of it present. In fact, it reminded me the band Facebreaker, which I would totally recommend to anyone who was excited to give these guys a chance!

Written by Nino Milillo

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