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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Review: Wolfhorde - Towards The Gate Of North

As one can see and hear from the name, Wolfhorde, this is not something to listen when you want to go to sleep!

This slamming pagan and folk metal band from Finland truly knows how to let your head bang to their music! A good mixture of violins and other folkish instruments with guitars, bass, screams and of course the drums makes this certainly a band to be mentioned among the pagan metal bands!

Powerful guitar solos, calm parts in-between of flute, violin or other folkish sounds, heavy drums and a smacking voice of the singer makes everything complete. As the album ‘Towards the Gate of North’ begins with a slow and soft folk song, it really works on towards the more heavy sounds and the songs get heavier and heavier with each song that passes.

Some minus to this album is that it might get a bit boring with the first and half of the second song, the building up goes quite slowly and you’ll have to have some patience to wait for the moment it really starts. It’s interesting how they do this though. The moment where the screams (or grunts) really starts is at the second minute of the second song called Fimbulvetr (in Norse mythology, this is the winter before Ragnarok (end of the world) starts, for more information about this, go here).

As the end of the album comes, one can notice the songs are getting better and better which really sounds good in my ears! The last song does last for a full nine minutes, and it won’t bore you at all!

In my opinion, this is quite a good album! Not something I would listen multiple times in a row, it would just bore me a little too much. But I must admit it does calm me too! I’m curious about what they will come up with next.

My rating for this album is a 6 out of 10.

Written by Jasper Bohte

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