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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Review: Sanguine - Black Sheep

Sanguine is a rare nugget in metal. Female fronted bands often dabble in the realms of gothic or symphonic, and though there are a few bands who do away with the stigma, few bands have a frontwoman that can scream your head off. Enter Sanguine and their new album Black Sheep. The album is a spit-in-your-face monolith crammed full of usually not too long songs, rarely exceeding 4 minutes, but each three minute song is a powerhouse. Sanguine takes no prisoners and leaves your ears bleeding... in a good way.

Featuring ex-In Flames guitarist Jesper Stromblad on the songs “Empty” and “Breathe Out” the people of Sanguine have really captured the power that comes from a powerhouse like In Flames. But their own axemen don’t do a shabby job themselves. The fun thing about the two songs is that the impact of the guitars doesn’t change that much, to be honest. The ferocity is still there, unrelenting, but it ever so slightly transforms into something In Flames fans will definitely recognize. The overall atmosphere of Sanguine reminds one of a lot of bands ranging from Lacuna Coil, but heavier to Iwrestledabearonce, but more coherent and luckily a bit less crazy; the bottom line is that it’s not easy to put the album in a particular genre as every song is such a difference. From the anthem-like Save Me that at once has a shouting background group like some sort of metalcore band and at the same time a grinding rock-and-roll guitar riff interchanged with grunts and a nu-metal like chorus. The best thing is, it never falls aparts. It could well make for very hokey-pokey songs that don’t really know where they’re going, but never once is that really the case. It just makes for very intense songs, action-packed from start to finish. Even the quieter songs like “Breathe out” feature so many layers and styles, yet it is hard to find fault with any of them.

For metalcore lovers to gothic to whatever kind of genre’s your favorite; Sanguine is a band to get into, even for a while. Sure, it can’t be great for everybody, but the range of styles are bound to strike a spark with just about anyone.

Written by Frank van Drunen

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