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Friday, February 26, 2016

Review: Plutonium - Born Again Misanthrope

There is no better way to start a extreme metal album but with blast beat, and Plutonium proves it with this album.

The intro track is instrumental with one hell of a vibe. The track is almost constant blast beats with very fast paced guitar work behind the wall of sound coming from the drums. Guitar wise this album has some very solid guitar work with a world class guitar tone, even though the riffs are fast and tremolo picked almost constant you still can hear every single note being played and can hear the riff in its entirety unlike most black metal sounds where it sounds like a single note played with the compression cranked up to 11.

The sound of the album overall is extremely good production wise and also composition wise, if you want to hear a particular instrument in the album you can. The bass is clearly audible, the guitars also crystal clear sound. The only remark I have here is the volume of the drums, sometimes the drum sound is overwhelming in comparison to the other instruments especially during the blast beat parts. In my opinion the problems stems from the drummer who is beating the hell out of the drums and the producer didn't see it necessary to mix the drums a tad bit lower in the final mix. None the less, the album is great in all its entirety from start to finish and Plutonium did a great job. And if you like black metal, quality black metal you need to listen to this album and enjoy it.

Written by Nikola Milošević


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