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Monday, February 22, 2016

Review: Narrenshyff - Narragonia

If you put together Erebos from Polish black metal band Srogosc and Bartek Brozek, here called Acheron, from other Polish black metal band Mornië Utúlië, you get the amazing recently started black metal band Narrenshyff. Just a few days ago they released their debut full length called Narragonia.

Narragonia contains four songs and as you can see on the titles of the tracks the lyrics wouldn't be very positive. Beginning with a little intro, but after 20 seconds Narrenshyff's hell will unleashed upon your ears. Starting with Depresja you immediately hear that this is good quality black metal with their melodic/symphonic parts also in it. The music is very nicely played and contains much variation which makes it very nice to listen to. The screams are very harsh and dark and with their lyrics sung in Polish it will give you a very dark feeling. The shortest song on Narragonia endures seven and a half minute, so while this album only contains four songs it still fills the 38 minutes right from the moment when you hit play. If you like it of course, but I am almost certain you do!

Narrenshyff has done a very good job in making Narragonia and I recommend everyone to listen to this. Especially if you are a fan of black metal. This is Polish black metal from a very high level! Definitely a band to watch in the future!

Written by Tim van Velthuysen


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