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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Review: Lutece - From Glory Towards Void

Lutece, hailing from Paris and formed in 2006, plays black metal. Since January 15th their latest work From Glory Towards Void is released.

Black metal can be very raw, harsh and nihilistic, but it also can be epic, good produced and still heavy as fuck. From Glory Towards Void from Lutece combines those two types of black metal. It's epic, very nice produced, heavy and still it has that cult kind of thing of very raw, harsh black metal. The very raw, harsh kind of black metal can especially be found in the vocals, very raw, with the typical black metal vocals, but also some sort of growls sometimes. Vocally it's a little bit similar to black/death bands like Behemoth. The more epic, good produced style of black metal is more to be found in the music itself. Sometimes it is more slowly black metal, sometimes it is very fast which makes the variation on this release very nice. Lutece play their black metal very nicely and I think the changes in tempo are giving it the extra touch, which makes From Glory Towards Void enjoyable from begin to end. It never gets boring.

Lutece has done a very nice job with this release and I recommend you to listen to it, especially if you love the more extreme parts of metal!

Written by Tim van Velthuysen


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