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Friday, February 19, 2016

Review: Headless Crown - Time For Revolution

It all started when Manu Froelicher and Mack Machet got together after many members change and found their grove.
Time For Revolution is their first album and it shows clear signs of what inspired Headless Crown;
bands like Saxon and Accept.

So is Time For Revolution a good album? Well let’s see.

The album starts with “The World Screams” which wears the marks of speed metal on its sleeve. It’s a good track but it’s definitely not the best track on the album. That honor belongs to Edge Of Sanity.
It’s the best track on this album by miles. You can check the official video here.

The album rides the waves of classic heavy metal tropes very well with highs like “Hellhounds” , “Be Seeing You“ and “Men Or Machine”. However there are also lows like “Reach Out” and “Here Comes The Night”.

In the end, it’s a good first effort but I am certain they can do much better. You should keep your eyes on these guys. They definitely has the “it” factor. They just need to hone their sound and the sky would be their limit.

Written by Ahmed Winchester

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