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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Review: Elevators To The Grateful Sky - Cape Yawn

Elevators to the grateful sky are a psychedelic rock/metal band with influences from, among others, Jimi Hendrix, Stoned Jesus, Morphine and DeWolff. Formed in 2011 this Palermo, Italy based band have already released 1 E.P. and 1 full length album. The album I will review today will be release on the 11th of march and it’s called Cape Yawn. Let’s hope the name is not an indication of what’s to come.

They start off with a pretty song, the first three songs manage to suck me in pretty deep. Great drumming, awesome riffs and a great stoner feel suck me in and leave me with my head banging to the music. The singer is not really all that great though. His voice feels like it doesn’t completely belong in the music. Don’t get me wrong he isn’t singing out of tune or anything but it doesn’t fit within the rest of the sound of the band. The solos are really good though and make up for a lot of it.

After three pretty upbeat songs with face paced drumming the 4th song comes on. Dreams come through definitely has more of a stoner sound to it and it fits better with the singers voice. It’s not great yet but it’s definitely better then what it was in the first three songs.

A mai tiempo Bueno cara starts off with a bass riff and for some reason I really like that. Other than that it is in the same style as the first three songs. It’s not great but it’s definitely not bad. I am impressed by how they can make songs that are pretty much the same but vastly different. Go have a listen yourself and you’ll get what I mean.

The 7th song I wheel has a bit darker and more aggressive sound to it though. The singer also starts singing more aggressive here and this seems more like a doom song and that really fits.

Mongerbino has a punk feel to it and also is a very fun song to listen to. the bass is so cool in this song. And you can really hear the Hendrix in this one! I am now more than halfway through this album and I haven’t heard a bad song yet!

Up next is the title track Cape Yawn and it starts of like a good stoner song, guitar intro, teasing drums, long bass notes. Building to an epic conclusion after six and a half minutes. It promises something cool in the beginning and damn does it deliver. Suddenly there is a brass solo involved which for some reason perfectly fits and just sounds beautiful. Great song!

After this we are back at the heavier parts. We’re nothing at all is a great heavy song, in my opinion the best one so far and it captivates me till the very last note.

Laura (one for mark sandman) is written for Mark Sandman, you probably guessed that already. It starts off a great solo and rolls right into heavy slow bliss. The voice suddenly perfectly fits and once again I am captivated. I feel like Laura and Mountain ship are one song together because they roll into each other seamlessly but they are not officially. It’s just great though.

Alright, after about 45 minutes of good music building up to great music we have come across the last song of the album, Unwind, let’s see if it delivers.

It starts off with a really calming guitar intro and wah-wah effect on the second guitar. The drums and bass come in and it’s so calming. So easy to listen too. The 2nd guitar stops and starts with a more country approach. Suddenly violins, and then the whole fades into the sky, like an elevator. (I could not help myself)

The album is great. It starts off okay and just gets better and better to end in a symphony of stoner bliss. Go listen to it, it’s great. I will give this album a 7.5 out of 10. It’s not higher because I just know they could’ve made this whole album amazing and not just the last 7 songs.

Written by Koen Oude Kempers

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