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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Review: Ecliptica - Ecliptified

Alright, I could start this review with saying that I always like that Tim van Velthuysen makes it possible for me to review typical eighties rock music, name a couple of artist of which Ecliptica makes me think of and then write an easy review, I am not going to do that!

Why? Because from the moment I started listening, the first song “Welcome to the Show” shows that the band has a very unique approach and sound. This mainly has to do with three things. The first thing is that the band doesn’t seem to be taking themselves very serious. I am not saying that these guys aren’t serious musicians, on the contrary, I think it’s easy to hear that they are very professional! No, what I mean is that the whole album is one huge nod to the classic eighties rock, let’s say an homage with lots of humor!

The second thing I want to name are the great guitar parts, at some points they even reek like classic heavy metal. The song “Persephone” is a good example of this, but mostly it just sounds like good old-fashioned hard rock, of which we have very little bands left these days.

The third and perhaps most notable for me, because I didn’t know Ecliptica before I started to review this album, are the female vocals. What singer Tom Tieber misses vocally in range and an edge, is more than compensated by the raw female vocals of counterpart Sandra Urbanek. Despite the fact that I really think she could handle singing these songs on her own, it interesting to remark that when the two vocalists sing together, it sounds pretty awesome! However, the female vocals definitely kept my attention to the album. The raw sound on the song “Hate the Pain” are very different from the beautiful singing voice we hear on the ballad ”For Good”. Sandra Urbanek is a very versatile singer who lifts this album to a higher level.

So if you are looking for classic eighties rock with a very unique sound, then Ecliptified is certainly worth checking out!

Written by Glenn van der Heijden

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