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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Review: Dawnstar - No Title, cassette

In a time where vinyl is on its way back to the music stores, Dawnstar releases a music cassette, making me think back to my ‘walkman days’. The music Dawnstar makes reminds me of my youth way back when I was walking with just the right type of music on my walkman, somewhere in nature. The atmospheric, instrumental music cover two sides of natures force. On the one hand, the two first songs, lasting about 11 minutes together, reflect the harsh side of nature; destructive forces, storms and floods. Where the first song has a typical black metal approach, the second one has a more melodic song structure. Both songs are a nice listen, not renewing in whatever way, but nice. Well, the good thing about it being instrumental though, is that the instruments get full attention and do not get thrown to the background by any harsh vocals.

After these two heavy songs, it is time for a ten minute ambient soundscape. Atmospherically it fits a black metal landscape, sound wise it does not. The song could have been put on a New-age album, or just maybe an old Mortiis album. After the two louder songs it is like taking a hot bath, where every other thing around you can disappear. There is just you and the song, well, melody.

Altogether this MC is an interesting one. Do not expect new approaches to black metal, but do expect a great atmospheric soundpack in just 21 minutes. And do not disapprove the length of the MC: you can listen to it over and over again.

Written by Martijn Bakker

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