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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Review: Crimson Moonlight - Divine Darkness

A scream. Announcing the outburst to come. Not sure if I can actually say this, seen as the Swedish Crimson Moonlight is an unblack metal band. Of course a lot of black metal fanatics will tumble over the suggestion of calling it unblack metal. Something that shouldn’t be an issue though, since ,Divine Darkness’ is a rough and well produced album that makes the hair on your skin stand right up. It makes your entire skin crawl. Divine Darkness will be released on the 26th of February by Endtime Productions.

First some history; a fun fact about Crimson Moonlight is that they began back in 1997, with the intention to record a black metal demo and break up after having their first and - what was supposed to be - their last show. Today, 19 years later, the band still exists with two American tours on their name. They can be found in multiple metal documentaries and they have released several EP’s and full-length records.

The songs on ‚Divine Darkness’ are complex. Speed is the main objective, though enriched by the occasional more mellow sceneries. The faster parts prove how they are all high quality musicians. The songs hold a lot of variation and their band chemistry is undeniable. In ‚Kingdom Of the Wolf’ we hear double bass and refined drum breaks divinely melt together with inspiring guitar riffs. Divine and refined. Of course the production should get some credit for this experience as well, so my compliments on that part as well!

,Divine Darkness’ starts with a scream, followed by an outburst of blastbeats that carry on through the entire album. An orgasm for the ear (not sure if this is appropriate to say taking their Christian roots into consideration, nonetheless: it’s true!). Extreme, ‚unblack’, who cares? I care about the quality of the music. And exactly that, I appreciate with an 8,5 out of 10.

Written by Tim van der Zanden


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