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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Review: Chiral - Snow//Heritage

Since we reviewed several releases of Chiral and even interviewed the mastermind behind this one-man atmospheric black metal band, Chiral doesn't need an introduction anymore. But since there are, maybe, also people who are new to Chiral or simply haven't read those articles (link, link and link), here is a small introduction. Chiral hails from Italy and started at the end of 2013. As said Chiral plays atmospheric black metal. Chiral has released two demo's, two splits and two full-lengths to date and soon, on March 22nd, Chiral's newest release will see its light. It is an EP called Snow//Heritage. Let's give it a spin.

Starting with an cover of Woman Is The Earth's Sage Moon makes that you get the perfect atmosphere for this four-track EP. You immediately are getting more relaxed. When you listened Chiral's earlier releases you know he can make very beautiful music, sometimes a little bit dreamy, but I haven't expect this kind of relaxed music. It has become some sort of neofolk music and while this is not very metal, it is perfectly made. The last track, Whiteness (The Snow & The Borrowed Lights), will take care that you get back on earth, it also has its dreamy parts, but is definitely more black metal than the other tracks on this beautiful EP called Snow//Heritage.

You can hear that Chiral is a very well-trained musician with a very wide range of possibilities in making his music. The fact that he combines beautiful, well played neofolk with, also very nice played, atmospheric black metal and it makes a perfect EP can only affirm that.

Whether you like atmospheric black metal, neofolk, both of them, or none at all, it doesn't matter. Be sure to listen to this masterpiece, at least try and let yourself suprise with this!

Written by Tim van Velthuysen

Official website

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