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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Review: Bloodbound - One Night Of Blood

Bloodbound is a band from Sweden, this is their live CD/DVD "One Night Of Blood". Ten years and six studio albums into their history now, they released this CD/DVD on 12 February 2016. The featured concert was recorded at the Masters Of Rock festival 2015. This is a set that was filled with great songs of the album “Stormborn” and many more older songs.

The opening track is the intro of the performance that will settle you in the sphere of what is coming. "Iron Throne" is a song that starts off strong with lot of drums and guitar riffs. The vocals are melodic, that you easily can sing along. The song "In The Name Of Metal" is a song that has good balance from begin to end. In the middle faster paced riffs and vocals that keeps your head headbanging. Playing in the mode of power metal with a healthy splash of fantasy, the CD/DVD is driven by versatile drumming, trilling keyboard, high-speed guitar , bass and vocals. The audio quality of this live CD/DVD is very good you almost think this is a studio recorded album. You even hear the communication between the singer and the public. The song “Nosferatu” starts with slow paced guitar riffs and deep meaning vocals. After that is powers up with fast riffs and vocals, but it keeps very clean and crisp.

Bloodbound is a great band that will let you think of Sabaton. If you like power metal with a touch of symphonic metal this is a band for you.

Tracklist cd/dvd:
2.Iron Throne
3.When Demons Collide
4.In The Name Of Metal
5.When The Kingdom Will Fall
7.Nightmares From The Grave
8.Metalheads Unite
9.When All Lights Fail
10.Book Of The Dead
11.Metal Monster
14.Nosferatu Symphony

DVD Bonus Content:
15.Stormborn (Videoclip)
16.In The Name Of Metal (Videoclip)
17.In The Name Of Metal (Performance Version)
18.Moria (Live At Masters Of Rock 2012)
19.Stormborn (Live At Out & Loud Festival 2015)
20.In The Name Of Metal (Live In Oberhausen 2015

Written by Nathasja Voerman

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