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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Live review: Suicide Attack, 23 January 2016, Elektra, Sliedrecht

So, I recently found out that Suicide Attack was playing in an incredible venue near me, and I decided to check them out based on some very positive reviews I read on the internet.

They played on the "big" stage and I was lucky enough to attend the sound check, where they absolutely shredded!

So, after inviting my friends for what promised to be an incredible evening, they entered the stage.

They started off by creating an incredible atmosphere with dimmed lights and the works, and teased us with some slow riffage.

When the band came on, they shredded! The vocal style reminded me of Baloff-era Exodus, and the guitars had a hint of early Slayer with Testament-style melodics.

The atmosphere was great, only the crowd wasn't as much into it as I would have liked.

Despite (or maybe because of) the lack of crowd participation, the band gave their all.

Afterwards, I had a couple of beers with the band and they turned out to be really chill, down-to-earth guys!

Written by Gijs de Wolff

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