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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Interview: Manuel Iradian from Demise Of The Crown

On March 4th, Demise Of The Crown will release their self-titled debut. DutchMetalManiac's Tim van Velthuysen asks guitarist Manuel Iradian some questions.

Hi, how's life in Montreal?

Living in this city has always been good. There's a strong metal scene, however, it's more on the extreme metal side. There's a great night life environment, many beautiful girls, only bad thing is our winters!

Your style is described as power metal with a fusion of melodic death metal. That's a combination you won't hear often. Why this choice?

Having that fusion of genres was never a conscious decision, Darren and I would just write the best songs we could write at the time, and what came out, was basically a melting pot of both our influences.

Soon you will release your debut, how does that feel?

Obviously we're excited, and proud. We invested a lot of time and money. That being said, were already in the final stages of pre-production for the 2nd album of 11 songs which turning out amazing, and we're pretty mind-blown but the sound of the entire album. The band will be very busy this year.

Listening to it, I hear that it's indeed something you won't hear often. Musically it is very diverse. Who are your influences?

Jesus is our biggest influence….really not, bad joke. More like Van Halen, Nevermore, Mozart, Queensryche, Avenged Sevenfold, Opeth, Skid Row, Faith No More, Guns n Roses, Helloween, Escape the Fate, Pantera, Nirvana., Decapitated, Iron Maiden just to name a few.

Why did you released it by yourselves?

Because it's our first one, we have to create an awareness of this band and get our foot in the door. This isn't american idol…you don't just go sing someone else's song and become have to keep paying your dues and work very hard in the "METAL" world.

You just released your single and video We Are Invincible. How do the people react to it?

People are reacting very well, better than we expected, so we're pretty happy about that, we got so much more music coming out, it's going to be pretty interesting, to see what people think.

Can you reveal some future plans for Demise Of The Crown?

Definitely a 2nd album and more music videos/gigs.

Do you want to say something to our readers?

Make sure to check out our music video for "We Are Invincible" Thank you!


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