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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Tarchon Fist - Cover, Tracklist, Release Info

The release date of the Tarchon Fist album „Celebration" on CD is February 05th, 2016.

Tarchon Fist from Italy are on the scene since 2005. They performed lot of shows in their own country and also in Europe including Czech Republic, Austria, England, Switzerland, France, Germany and more. Now in 2015, the guys are releasing their fourth album worldwide. Tarchon Fist are mainly a live band so they work on songs among the concerts. This means that usually needs some time until a new album is ready! Now the band is proud to announce that the album "Celebration" is finally finished but sadly the former label My Graveyard stopped working because of personal reasons. Pure Steel supports this band because of Tarchon Fist y play a high class Heavy Metal with influences from Seth 13, Blood God and Primal Fear without being old fashioned. Fine Metal is never obsolete! Proud to be a dinosaur!

1. Celebration
2. Victims Of The Nations
3. Eyes Of Wolf
4. The Game Is Over
5. Fighters
6. It's My World
7. Thunderbolt
8. Metal Detector
9. We Are The Legion
10. Ancient Sign Of The Pirates
11. Still In Vice
12. Blessing Rain
13. The Game Is Over (reprise)
Total playing time: 53:16 min

Mirco "RAMON" Ramondo – vocals
Luciano "LVCIO" Tattini – guitars, back vocals
Sergio "RIX" Rizzo – guitars, back vocals
Marco "WALLACE" Pazzini – bass, back vocals
Andrea "ANIMAL" Bernabeo – drums

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