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Friday, January 29, 2016

Svart Records to reissue both volumes of classic "S.P. Metal" compilations on vinyl

On February 5th, Svart Records will reissue on vinyl both volumes of the classic S.P. Metal compilations. S.P. Metal I will be released on 650 copies of black vinyl and 350 copies of red vinyl, while S.P. Metal II will be released on 650 copies of black vinyl and 350 copies of blue vinyl. More info after the jump.

"This record has nothing to do with the current heavy metal outburst. S.P. Metal is not based on opportunism, it is the result of long, hard work", say the original liner notes to the S.P. Metal compilation. By the time the album was released in 1984, the underground metal explosion was well underway in Brazil too. However, work on this album was begun in 1982 already, when the owner of the Baratos Afins record shop and label in Sao Paulo came up with the idea of documenting the nascent heavy metal scene taking shape in the city.

In addition to Belo Horizonte, home to Sepultura and Sarcofago, Sao Paolo was the nerve center of the now world famous Brazilian metal scene. As the liner notes put it, "What could better than metal music to represent Sao Paulo? Like in the industrial cities of Europe, no other genre could represent better the agitation, the noise, the anger against the oppressive industrialisation." S.P. Metal is akin in subcultural importance to European and American metal compilations such as Metal Massacre, and one could say it spearheaded the entire Latin American metal phenomenon. Put together on a shoestring budget, the album is a perfect document of the birth of a movement, with bands ranging from NWOBHM-influenced more traditional metal to proto-thrash headbanging.

This is the first time since the original 1984 issue the album is available on vinyl. The Svart reissue has layout faithful to the original Brazilian edition, but all liner notes and lyrics are presented in English in addition to the original Portuguese. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for S.P. Metal I
A1 Avenger: Missao Metalica
A2 Centurias: Duas Rodas
A3 Virus: Matthew Hopkins
A4 Salario Minimo: Cabeca Metal
B1 Centurias: Portas Negras
B2 Salario Minimo: Delirio Estelar
B3 Avenger: Cidadao Do Mundo
B4 Virus: Batalha no Setor Antares


"The honesty of the first album and a lot more experience", claim the second S.P. Metal compilation's original liner notes, and for a reason. Although released just a year after the first part, a lot of things had changed. Brazilian heavy metal had erupted out of the underground and into the limelight, with over 50 active bands in Sao Paulo area alone in 1985. Rock in Rio festival, one of the biggest heavy/rock festivals in the world, was held that year for the first time, and bigger labels and professional managers arrived to capitalize on the scene, and so on.

S.P. Metal II contains four bands, the cream of the crop of the true metal underground in Sao Paulo in 1985. Korzus, Santuario, Abutre, and Performances all contribute two tracks. Performances and Santuario are more in the NWOBHM & Manilla Road-type early power metal vein, while Abutre and Korzus are great, rough speed/thrash headbanging as only young Brazilians fed on a diet of hardcore and NWOBHM can churn out. Cult! Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for S.P. Metal II
A1 Santuario: Espartaco, Gladiator Rei
A2 Korzus: Principe Da Escuridao
A3 Abutre: Rock, Rock, Rock
A4 Performances: Viajante Perdido
B1 Abutre: Quando O Fogo Comeca Arder
B2 Performances: Guerreiro Da Paz
B3 Santuario: Santuario
B4 Korzus: Guerreiros Do Metal

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