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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Survival releases $100 'No Grief' album / European tour dates announced

No Grief, the new album from Nick Noro's Bay Area boundary-breakers Survival, is out now and streaming in its entirety on Bandcamp. Hot on the heels of the Shayda cassette (January 2015), No Grief is priced at $100 for those willing to plunge deep into mourning bliss. Yes, $100! Why? Nick Noro tells the story of this very personal artistic journey in a new Youtube video that can be viewed below.

This sophomore full-length collaboration between Survival and London-based Merdumgiriz Records is raw hardcore grief. Through the swollen tumors of thick drums, Nick's desperate vocals slither the damp basements of depressive Californian guitars and pulsating velvety bass. Again churning a sick musical dish with elements of hard rock, punk, thrash metal and electronic music filtered through a world of sorrow; the album is a highly original gem of melodic west coast heaviness and depression. Complemented with the insanity of the best 90's-style American urbanite depressive lyrics and artwork, all made by the man who makes the music itself, No Grief and the genius behind it is more than a fine addition to the mental asylum brotherhood of Merdumgiriz Records.

Survival has announced the first dates of a 2016 tour with Merdumgiriz artists Viranesir (UK) and Show Me Wolves (Iceland). Confirmed dates are as follows:

August 5-6 at Bar 11, Reykjavik, Iceland
August 10 at the Windmill in Brixton, England
August 20 at Kiev Concert Hall, Kiev, Ukraine

No Grief Track Listing:
1. Stand Tall
2. Calibrator
3. Love on Smack (Witchfnder General)
4. Clergy
5. Final Departure
6. Flashcard Suicide
7. Agency Overthrown
8. Symphonic Grace
9. Your House (sick ppl)
10. Smack
11. Living in America
12. Heartless Souls
13. Surface of the Sky, Detached


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