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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Shocking news and a new video from Hell Puppets

It is no secret that a few members of the band Hell Puppets have obsessions with the occult, demonology and often perform intense demonic rituals and Ouija sittings in the hope of talking to those recently passed; after all who wouldn't want to talk to Lemmy if you could! Usually results vary but safety is rarely compromised.

However, on the evening of 21/1/2016 following one such sitting the police were called in by a neighbour who had heard strange noises throughout the night. On their arrival in the early hours one member was found unconscious in the front room with a bag tied tightly over his head and no recollection of the previous nights events.

On further investigation Belial was found in a downstairs toilet again passed out with a bottle of LEMMY, sorry whiskey rammed down his throat.

The remaining band member Saturnist was only found this morning up a tree on Reigate Road in Dorking with nothing more than a flask of tea and binoculars scoping out Mole Valley District council offices. Clearly something is amiss! Naturally the band are pleased to learn of his safe return and thank the neighbours Sally & Jon Allen and Gary Plaistow for highlighting concerns to the authorities.

All 3 band members claim events got out of hand because they
1) Be serious
2) Always say "good bye" at the end
3) NEVER do it at home

It is quite apparent the "spirits" got the better of them!!

So the Hell Puppets feel the time is right to release their new music video "We Are The Enemy" in the run up to their supporting performance at the Underworld for Evil Scarecrow on Thursday 28th January 2016!



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