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Friday, January 1, 2016

Review: Wrathrone - Born Beneath

Time to break with the Christmas song nonsense and listen to some decent music! This time: death metal from Finnish band Wrathrone. Their record, “Born beneath”, will be released on the 22nd of January.

That album can be summarized in one word: brutal. Wrathrone play very oldschool Death Metal, which especially shows in the drumming parts. A very dense, dark atmosphere is generated in the total eight songs. A lot of speed is generated in the songs, such as in the premiere track “Eternal salvation”. Highlights are definitely “Age of decadence” and “Carnal lust”, or the raging opener “Born beneath”. However, in my opinion, none of the songs is a failure!

This makes “Born beneath” one of the strongest and best albums I had the pleasure to review so far. The production is rather raw, but done in a way that it supports the strong parts of the record, and puts accents on all instruments involved, especially the bass. A must-buy for every fan of death metal! 9.5/10.

Written by Julia Obenauer



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