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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Review: Whiskey Ritual - Blow With The Devil

Whiskey Ritual is a 5 piece Black ‘n’ Roll formation from Parma, Italy. Blow with the Devil is their 3d full length album since they formed in 2008, alongside an EP and a split album.

The band´s name definitely is a good representation of their lyrical content: you may not be surprised to hear that the entire album is about sex, drugs, alcohol and Satan. The album starts off with your typical black metal song, in this case the title song ‘’Blow with the Devil’’. I have to say, I was surprised to learn these guys are Italians, since I could hardly distinguish it from Norwegian black metal. Fast chords and melodic riffs, lyrics that are hard to understand apart from the chorus; I kind of like it myself. The style changes during the 3d song ‘’Too Drunk for Love’’, during which the mix of black ‘n’ roll really starts becoming obvious. The 4th song, titled ‘’ Satanic Kommando’’ is my personal favorite. Again, more of a black metal song, but definitely one of their fastest and most aggressive.

From there on, the album becomes pretty straight forward and you start hearing more and more punk influences. Same goes for the lyrical themes. At some point I thought I was listening to a slightly more brutal version of Turbonegro. Don’t get me wrong though, this album is anything but boring and plain, however, the sound throughout the entire is roughly the same and therefore, songs aren’t very unique, but it’s definitely good stuff to headbang to, I’ll tell you that.

Personal verdict: 7/10. I like the simplicity, the tempo, the sudden changes in style literally make these guys black ‘n’ roll. Overall, I like lyrics with a bit of depth, but due to their catchy tunes, I didn’t even mind not understanding half of what was sung. Oh, and did I mention they recorded some GG Allin covers too?!

Written by Nino Milillo


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