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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Review: Ur Draugr - With Hunger Undying

Rarely can you see a combination of progressive and black metal well blended and actually hearable. Ur Draugr does give a new sense to the blend. What you can hear is a interesting combination of black, death and progressive metal that actually makes sense.

You get a bit of Melechesh vibe in the songs, but not in an overwhelming part. The Melechesh vibe gives only enough soul to the songs to have some weird middle eastern sound and groove. The band still exhibits the classical black metal elements of endless trem picking and blast beats, but combining that with a more melodic and prog approach to trem picking.

For a black/death metal band Ur Draugr gives a great quality of recording in this album. The tracks do have the signature gritty sound of the early black metal, but the guitars do have a interesting tone and melody to them, one of the first times I heard a black metal guitar I very much liked. The overall sound is also gritty in a positive sense, it gives a real feel of atmosphere and depth of sound given in a black metal album. And also as many black metal bands the vocals need to be worked on, in the mixing at least. The technique the vocalist is using is a standard in the genre, but the recording of the vocals does leave something to be desired.

All in all Ur Draugr made a good album, a very commendable album and a album I will remember for a long time on. I would recommend this album to all black metal fans who want a little diversity in their black metal.

Written by Nikola Milošević


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