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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Review: Tombstones - Vargariis

In the most festive month of the year, the Norwegian band Tombstones gave us an additional festive event. On the 4th of December this stoner/doom threesome released their fifth full-length, featuring six monstrous tracks.

Not only are the tracks monstrous because of their length. Besides the tracks varying in length from 8 minutes and 43 seconds to 10 minutes and 14 seconds, they are also somewhat darker than their previous work. For example they released „Year Of The Burial” in 2012, which has a pleasant fuzz feel and mainly clean vocals that almost sound friendly. On „Vargariis” the vocals are more hostile, dark screams and with an angrier tone. The music is heavier, at sound of the band maturing.

This album carries a lot of cool variation. Most importantly to appreciate is the complexity they bring into their songs and actually, the whole records. Vargariis starts with two tracks that are heavy and slow. However, the third track „Oceans of Consciousness” nicely kicks off with blastbeats and good black metal riffs. Further into the album Vargariis has some soft and elegant passages. They come in at the exact right time, to give you a clean moment to sober up, before you get pulled back into the deep dark again.

After seeing them once on the second day of Roadburn 2015 and hearing this new material, I’m excited to see them live at least a second time. For people who like YOB, I recommend the same. Go. See. Them. Live.

Written by Tim van der Zanden


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