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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Review: Suns Of Stone - Suns Of Stone

Rock and roll!! Canada based Suns of Stone brings out their second album full of 70’s heavy rock. The first thing I thought after hearing these guys was: This is The Doors in their heavier songs. The vocals do not resemble Jim Morrison, most of the time, but the energy is the same. This energetic way of music making is a great asset of the band. There is hardly a song without this energy.

First song Saviour starts off with some great blues rock, an basically is a good blueprint of all the songs. The album is steady in quality and music. This said, it makes the music a bit predictable, but a few songs do stand out.

After three songs, Head Down finally sets me in the metal-mood. The metal-riffs however cease after a few seconds, but the pushing guitar riffs have then already hypnotised me and take me through the whole song lightly nodding my head, with a big smile on my face.

The sixth song on the album, For power, is literally a powerful song, Rock ‘n’ Roll at its best. With the same hypnotising rhythm, the energetic way of playing really comes forward here.

When the song Black Cat starts, I strongly think of Ram Jams Black Betty. At the end of the song the band records their own comment: ‘I like that one the best so far’. do I! Next song Fool for Ruin swings away nicely, but basically that is what the whole album does.

When the next to last song starts, I have to think again about The Doors and a drunk street scene of Oliver Stones movie about the band: Rocker Down starts with these lyrics: I don’t know how I got here, just leave me where I lie. I got this funny feeling one of us is gonna die. We got another rocker down. While most of the band members of The Doors are down, Suns of Stone are still very much alive. They prove it in this song, but even more so in Self Restraint, closing song of this heavy rock ‘n’ roll album. The energy and quality makes me wonder what this group would do in a live setting!

Written by Martijn Bakker

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