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Friday, January 1, 2016

Review: SOL - The Storm Bells Chime

Danish Doom metallers SOL will release their record “The storm bells chime” on the 11th of January. Let’s give it a spin already!

From the very first note, this record is packed with a very dark, doomy atmosphere. Fits the season! The EP commences with an instrumental piece, and is then followed by five additional tracks. The pace is very slow, as is the singing. Surely something like that is good once in a while, however, there’s very little variation between the songs, making the different tracks interchangeable. The production is great and rescues some of these deficits.

Overall, “the storm bells chime” is a classic doom metal record, and will be definitely loved by fans of this genre. For my personal taste, there’s a bit too little variation between the songs, and overall the record comes off as rather monotonous. However, if you pick out one song only, the tracks themselves are very atmospheric and well produced, as mentioned above. A record made for die-hard fans of doom! 7/10.

Written by Julia Obenauer


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