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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Review: Slaegt - Beautiful And Damned

Black metallers Slaegt are hailing from Denmark and soon their newest mini-album Beautiful And Damned will see its release. January 22th it will be unleashed upon the world! Let's give it a spin.

Slaegt isn't playing its black metal just fast and raw. Beautiful And Damned has fast parts, but also has its more melodic parts. Vocally it has the raw, harsh sound you know of black metal. You know the musicians in this band are well playing together, because in the fast parts everything sounds very good with each other. One thing you won't hear often in black metal are guitarists who do more than standard riffs. But since Slaegt isn't standard black metal this is something you can expect. Not that often, but it is there! While Beautiful And Damned is only 4 tracks long, there's much variation and tempo changes in it and that's a good thing. As said, Slaegt is not standard black metal. It's more a combination of black metal, heavy metal and maybe even some thrash metal.

All together, if you want your black metal very standard, this is, probably, not a band for you. But if you want to hear something different, something you won't hear that often, listen to Beautiful And Damned from Slaegt! You will be suprised!

Written by Tim van Velthuysen


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