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Monday, January 11, 2016

Review: Shotgun Justice - State Of Desolation

State of Desolation is the first full length album by the German 4 headed beast, Shotgun Justice. The band is fronted by vocalist Marco Kräft, who distinguishes himself with a wide array of vocal techniques that may require a certain type of appreciation, but nonetheless, are very impressive and powerful in a pretty unique manner. The album was released on January 8th by Kernkraftritter Records.

The album title doesn’t reveal much about its content. They kick-off with a 1 minute intro called ‘’Proclamation of War’’, which is meant to bring you in the right mood, followed by ‘’Blood for Blood’’, a heavy anthem filled with gallops and old school licks and riffs. The vocal interpretations really lift the music to a whole new level, since it is not that much of a refreshing sound they bring instrumentally. ‘’Blessed with Fire’’, the album’s 3d track, features a more aggressive approach, which fades abruptly at the end of the song, at which point you are introduced to the female, theatrical backing vocals, which are present in a few songs. ‘’Nemes (a Global Killer)’’ is a great example of this; not counting the follow up instrumental track ‘’Scales of Justice’’, this is by far the slowest, most atmospherically inspired song on the album. The guitars set the mood very precisely and during the second half of the song, you’d almost think you were listening to Nightwish!

Does this make you curious? Because you’re in for a treat with the album’s latter 4 tracks. They pick up the tempo and you’ll even start noticing some thrash metal influences, with tracks like ‘’Head Full of Bullets’’ (my personal favorite), ‘’Forsaken’’, ‘’Harvest the Storm’’ and, of course, the title track ‘’State of Desolation’’. If you’re looking for some heavy metal with refreshing vocal styles, look no further!

Personal verdict: 6/10 – why, you ask? The vocals are totally not my thing, but the riffs, solo’s and the overall tempo are a big plus. Instrumentally, it’s impressive enough for me to give future releases a try as well!

Written by Nino Milillo

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