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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Review: Rhapsody Of Fire - Into The Legend

Rhapsody of Fire, the symphonic power metal band most known for their immensely scoped albums telling the fantasy story of the Emerald Sword and later the Dark Secret, have by now found themselves being the stuff of legends, at least in their own genre. Though it has not been an easy road for the band that has existed for over twenty years in various forms and under several names have once again changed a lot of their line-up, with the most notable being the departure of creative co-founder of the band, Luca Turilli. After being replaced by Tom Hess, the latter has also left after their last album, leaving Rhapsody of Fire with only one guitarist once more. Like former albums where Luca Turilli was the only guitarist, this new album Into the Legend is not the strongest in its epic sounds, and with Turilli’s genius gone it suffers a bit more. The album is far from bad though, showing what Rhapsody of Fire is very good at still. An epic sound once again upheld by a immense orchestra and choir. The lack of genius in the guitar department therefore is not bothering the quality of the album very much as it is usually so much integrated in the rest of the orchestra. The only part that really does suffer are the solo’s, where Roby de Micheli can’t compare to Turilli’s shredding. Though certainly not horrific, they are often somewhat uninspired, repeating the same phrases over and over expecting a different outcome. The story-telling of this album is, however not directly advancing any saga, still very much on top form. Hints to the Dark Secret Saga abound, deepening the story and giving a peek into the richness of the world Rhapsody of Fire have managed to create.

Into the Legend is definitely not a groundbreakingly new album, and neither is it Rhapsody of Fire’s best. Yet the quality they are wont to deliver is still there, and so there is little to say in chagrin. It is solid, epic, grand, and rooted in everything that has been keeping Rhapsody of Fire leading the power metal genre for so long.

Written by Frank van Drunen

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