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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Review: The Maledict - Dread

The Maledict is Stuart Henry on guitar, Ian McLean on Vocals, Karl Freitag on Drums and Stuart McCarthy on Bass. The Doom/Death Metal band hails from Australia.

2013 was the year the band released their first efforts in a demo called ‘Salvation in Yielding’. It was the beginning of a new more gothic Maledict. Now “Dread” is their first self-published full album after that.
It shows the band transforming into this doom death metal machine.

The album starts with the ass kicking “Tenebrae” which immediately sets the stage for what’s to come, opening with a thick riff and on point vocals/growls followed by the wailing lyrics of a lover wondering why his lover left him.

“Dread” has it all with heavy hitters like “Fast unto the end” , thrashed influenced doom like “Column of Voracious Souls” and just regular doom gems like “ Frozen”.

However the album reaches its highpoint in “A Muse In Requiem” the 12 minutes plays like a poem more than a song. “And I still did burn over and over unto her fire. Nursed it along through my travels, through field of pestilent dismay. Through the melting of sinews, for her warmth, so distant and so frail…” with lyrics like this you can’t help but feel for the lover and his muse.

The band slows things down in “In the lips and hearts” with great slow instrumental piece before they pick it up again a few notches with “Deadened Eyes to the Horizon “which is one of this album strong tracks. It has it all great riffs, killer drums and masterfully laid vocals.

The Maledict – Dread is one of the finest Doom metal releases of 2015, though it has only one flaw and that is how long the songs are, with “Tenebrae”, “Fast Unto The End”, “Frozen” being around the 7 minutes mark. With others like “A Muse in Requiem”, “Deadened Eyes to the Horizon” being around 12 minutes long, makes the whole album feel like a chore.

For those who are interested. You can pick it up on bandcamp here.

Written by Ahmed Winchester

Official website


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