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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Review: The Lion's Daughter - Existence Is Horror

2015 is barely behind us, but The Lion’s Daughter haven't wasted time. With their second full length album "Existence is Horror" the band has made this album that will have staying power. The Missouri trio has been slugging it out since 2007, and have gotten better and better at their brand of bleak and black sludge with each release.

The first song on this album is "Phobetor". It's the intro to the album with guitar sounds and drums in the distance. This is exactly how you would feel horror. The fourth song "Dog shaped man" starts brutally with a lot of vocals and riffs. The scraping vocals are very nice to listen to. It brings you more and more in the horror feeling. “Midnight Glass” is with violent riffs and a pattern shift into black metal, but it ends with yet another shift to a slower, doom-like tempo. The track "A cursed black end" starts more slowly, but opens up in the middle of the song with fast paced riffs and drums. With no doubt "existence is horror" is a truly highlight as close track. the vocal goes hand in hand with the repeating guitar riffs, they blast into your brain and stay there for the rest of this epic song.

I never heard of this band before and it really surprised me with their sound. Maybe this album is not perfect, but it's a perfect and epic way to begin 2016. With their catching riffs, vocals and fast paced songs. This is a great album for black metal listeners you will be suprised.

Track list:
01. Phobetor
02. Mass Green Extinctus
03. Nothing Lies Ahead
04. Dog Shaped Man
05. Four Flies
06. Midnight Glass
07. The Fiction In The Dark
08. A Cursed Black End
09. They're Already Inside
10. The Horror Of Existence

Written by Nathasja Voerman


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