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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Review: Kadar - Essence

Hailing from Kazakhstan is the two piece band Kadar. Formed in 2009 Kadar has released one digital mini LP with the name Infidel.

Starting with a promising intro the band starts the 30 minute long disappointment that is Essence.
The intro as I said was promising but the delivery isn’t there. The intro stops rather abruptly and the transition is just horrible, rendering the intro completely useless.

The album sounds like someone got a few songs from different metal genres, smashed them into each other and decided to just call that Experimental progressive metal.

The first and second songs (The night and Spider Moves) are pretty much the same chaotic mess described above with obvious electronic drumming (or just REALLY bad sounding drums) combined with guitar riffs, and unnecessary solos and growling vocals that make me sad. It sounds like he got a stroke, can’t move the left side of his lips and still tries to sing.

Now this all seems very harsh and it’s not a complete rubbish album. They have a few good solo’s and not complete shit guitar riffs. They are just trying to be progressive/experimental.

After that comes Essence and it is pretty average and I can listen to that which always should be the case because it’s the title song of the album.

The fourth song, ‘Alexandria’ starts off strong with a good riff even though that riff goes on for too long. It’s okay although very uninspiring.

After that come Paranoia and Black Train and those both are pretty much the same way so I will not waste more words on that. So there is just the outro left now.

This transition is really good actually, it transforms the ending of the last song in a great dark feeling and ends a very mediocre album on a great note.

I don’t recommend this album to anyone, it’s not great and sometimes just plain bad. I’d give this 4.5 points out of 10.
Sorry Kadar, try again.

Written by Koen Oude Kempers


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