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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Review: If I Die Today - Cursed

If I Die Today is a post hardcore band formed in 2005. Hailing from Italy they’ve toured with a few big names in the pop punk scene for some reason. Names of those bands? THE FREAKING OFFSPRING, SUM, SIMPLE PLAN! I don’t get it either.

I really want to get one negative point out of the way before I start reviewing the actual album.
The production value on this thing is LOW. And that’s a real shame because this album is great.

Cursed consists of 9 tracks, 8 of these tracks tell the story of the character they are named after, for example Lucifer and Elisabeth. These tracks end with Cursed, the title track of the album and rightfully so because it is great! It’s a shame that this album is only 26 minutes long.

Jesus is the first song of the album and it sounds pretty brutal. On point drumming combined with nice riffs and aggressive vocals. They started the album with a lot of power, let’s see if they can continue down this path *spoiler alert, they can*

Jesus rolls seamlessly into Adam and it’s beautiful. That pumping bass gives the whole song so much volume and the drumming and riffs are so powerful. Honestly I’m looking for a band to compare them with but I cannot think of one. The change towards the end of the song is a great way to introduce the third song. Lucifer has a bit of a punk feeling towards it, especially its intro. But after that the great metal riffs take over and the heavy feel we’ve felt through the whole album so far is back. It even takes a bit of sludge/doom approach in the break down and that completely fits.

Patrick is the fourth song of Cursed and If I Die Today took a darker approach for this song. It’s more off the same but feels slightly more, well, cursed. (Pun totally intended). The slower guitars and longer stream in the shorter song make for an eerie song. Patrick flows flawlessly into next song. Elisabeth follows in the same dark, ghastly feel as Patrick and it right now it feels like I am listening to an audiobook narrated by Morgan Freeman who had an angel piss on his tong. It’s so soothing for me and I don’t even know if that’s what If I today intended!

The album is so easy to listen too, part to the fact that all songs flow into each other like it is one big story instead of separate songs and well, they are.

Faustus is a song with a more angry feel. The aggressive drumming and even more aggressive vocals make for a song that you can’t help banging your head too. And the same with The ancient mariner and Vincent.

All this great build up and song writing comes together in the last song, the title song, Cursed.
It builds up slow with great slow drumming and once again that eerie feeling. If I die today really know how to moderate the music and make it fitting with the setting. Everything is greatly sewn together in one big ending and not one instrument is off. Everything feels like one and this has got to be my favourite song of the whole album. Just listen to it.

To sum it all up for you.
The album starts aggressive, Takes a dark turn that completely fits the whole idea of the album and the music, becomes more aggressive and ends in the best song of the album.

I’m giving this band and this album 9 out of 10 points. The remaining 1 point is because I simply want this to be longer. 26 minutes fly by so quickly :(

Written by Koen Oude Kempers


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