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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Review: Ghost Horizon - Astral Possession

Just thinking about black metal gives me visions of black-and-white facepaint and dark Scandinavian woods. Surprisingly, black metal sometimes comes from another continent altogether. Ghost Horizon has their hometown in Arizona, USA. A totally different landscape. No dark, endless woods, but desert and palm trees. Apparently this influences the interpretation of black metal is. Yes, there are heavy grunts and screams, yea double bass drum and fast guitars...but also space for more melody and contemplative sound effects.

This short EP, only three songs and less than 15 minutes in length, starts with an atmospheric introduction, including some spoken word. After a minute or so all hell breaks loose and Uræus’ vocal capacities take front stage. Rage, anger, passion, it all comes in at you at full speed. Daniel Stollings uses his guitar and bass to make both melody and heavy aggression.

All three songs are musically linked and flow into each other, though the different identity of all the songs remain upright.

‘I will raise you up for despair’ is one of the ..eeh...comforting lines of second song Spectral Threnody. The song is in my opinion not a typical black metal song. Musically it is a very nice balance of melody and really heavy darkness in one song. If a radio station would not mind depressingly heavy music, it could even have some airplay. The only downside of the song is its length. When you are really into the hypnotising ends.

Final song Astral Possession (the cold years unearthed) takes us further down the spiral with more threnody, speed and aggression.

Altogether this is a refreshing way of making melodic black metal. Melody and heavy blackness is mixed into the songs, instead of separating the atmospheric, melodic parts from the heavy parts, like some bands do. This EP calls for more, because the only true depressing part of this release is its short length.

Written by Martijn Bakker


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