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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Review: Evil Drive - The Land Of The Dead

Finnish melo-death band Evil Drive are bound to release “The land of the dead” on the 22nd this month, the second album after their debut in 2013. Cover-art and song titles (“Bullet”, “war”) already indicate where the journey might lead lyric-wise…. Let’s give it a shot!

Well, no surprise, the intro takes us right to a battlefield, and indeed, the music revolves around war and destruction. Fitting with that (next to the mentioned song titles) is the presentation of the band itself with machine guns (singer Victoria Viren) or in battledresses with matching gas masks, indicative that these guys don’t take themselves too seriously. "The Land Of The Dead" is primarily a fun record to listen to: "World Cleaners" speeds things up drastically after the intro and reminds of Children of Bodom, while other tracks ("Lost In The Rain") are heavily inspired by the old Arch Enemy. "Bullet" will be stuck in your ears for days, and it gets somewhat romantic with "No Way In The Lie”. A major drawback here is Victoria Viren’s voice which needs a bit of work, since it seems somewhat weak and rather static throughout the record. The high note, however, are the guitar soli of her husband Ville, which get better and better as the songs progress.

Well, this album kicks ass, no doubt about it, and every fan of melodic death metal will like it. Only criticism might be that the record per se bring nothing innovative to the genre, and reminds very strongly of Arch Enemy. Nothing bad about that, of course, but I feel like once these guys find their own little niche, they really have the potential to grow big. Give this record a spin if you like your Arch Enemy! 7.5/10.

Written by Julia Obenauer


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