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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Review: Darkrise - Fear, Hate & Corruption

Swiss Brutal death metallers Darkrise are around since the late 90s, and have so far released 4 full-length albums. Let’s give their newest opus “fear, hate & corruption” a spin, which will be out on March 18th!

“Fear, hate & corruption” opens up with a thrashy, Slayer-like guitar intro. Don’t be fooled! The musical fury will unravel very soon. Darkrise is a very modern death metal band in which songs brutality reigns, but always with a splash of thrash mixed into it. This sets them apart from the average growling/gurgling brutal death metal bands, as well as the occasional incorporation of a melodic riff or a more acoustic passage such as in the intro, which also adds to variation within the different songs. All in all, the band reminds me strikingly of Nile, with angry growling and manic riffs. There’s clearly tons of enthusiasm and effort that has been put into this record, but (yeah, unfortunately), to me still each of the total of 11 songs bleeds into the next one, and the huge variation is missing. Sure thing that the guys found their individual style, but unfortunately it’s not so unique that it hasn’t been heard before in similar ways before. The record, though, is produced in a very professional way, and is surely fun to listen to if you’re into this genre. So, death metal fans, still give this one a go! 7.5/10

Written by Julia Obenauer

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