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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Review: Cauldron - In Ruin

It has not been too long ago since I decided to take a break from my old 80’s albums to listen to some newer heavy metal bands. I soon realized that most of what is going on in heavy metal scene nowadays is not really my cup of tea. But then I came across the New Wave Of Traditional Heavy Metal bands such as Enforcer, Skull Fist, Steelwing and Cauldron. While I am still new to this whole scene and don’t know everything of these bands, it’s fair to say that the Canadian band Cauldron is one of the best ones around.

Cauldron is formed by the long-time members Jason Decay (vocals, bass) and Ian Chains (guitars), and the band’s most recent addition of Myles Deck (drums). Jason’s vocals are not among the best ones in the heavy metal world, but they fit Cauldron’s sound perfectly and there’s no one fitter to stand behind the microphones.

In Ruin is their first full-length release since the amazing Tomorrow’s Lost (2012). I was really excited about this album since in my opinion, Tomorrow’s Lost is one of the best heavy metal albums of this new generation. Consequently, I had very high expectations for this album. So when I listened to the first single, No Return/In Ruin, I really thought they would manage to deliver something as good. No Return/In Ruin is a great song and has everything that a Cauldron song should have: nice riffs and a catchy chorus. The second song is Empress, a very solid track although not as good as Burning At Both Ends and its great guitar leads. Up to this point, In Ruin was sounding very promising.

Next come Hold Your Fire and Come Not Here, the first songs in the album that I didn’t like at all. They are average, predictable and pretty much nothing very exciting happens. Santa Mira, inspired by the cult-horror movie Halloween III (no Mike Myers in this one), takes the album back to its trails. The pounding metal of Corridors of Dust gave me chills, specially the 70’s feeling we get just before the awesome guitar solo. The instrumental Delusive Serenade and the regular Outrance finish the album.

Overall, I thought that In Ruin is a good album, but I felt that it also presents some off moments. Although I think that Tomorrow’s Lost is their best album, I would still buy this one in the future.

1. No Return/ In Ruin
2. Empress
3. Burning at Both Ends
4. Hold Your Fire
5. Come Not Here
6. Santa Mira
7. Corridors of Dust
8. Delusive Serenade
9. Outrance

Written by Anderson Tiago


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